zamp (zamp) wrote,


I bought a bike today. It is a used 2007 KHS Flight 220. It is dark gray. It is pretty awesome, I took it for a short ride tonight and it was a lot of fun, this bike is crazy fast. I sort of feel dumb for going 3 years in Toronto without a bike.

The next step is getting to the point where I can do the 15km commute to work. It may not sound that bad but I am very out of shape.

One other thing. This bike has STI shifters (the shifters that are integrated into the brake leaver) and OMG I could never go back! I have never been one for mountain bikes, this is my 3rd road bike and the one main complaint I have with old road bikes is the downtube shifter. I just didn't shift very much on my last bike, but not needing to move my hands means shifting all the time to keep myself in the best gear and makes riding so much easier (the bike also seems way lighter than my last bike).

There will be pictures soon.
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