zamp (zamp) wrote,


My desktops are both pictures I took, they both happen to be Cars.

Here is my home desktop.


Here is my work desktop:

work desktop2

You may notice the work desktop is really wide. This is because I have dual monitors. Setting up a single picture across two monitors takes a little trick. You need to crop the photo in the correct shape (10:4 for 2 standard monitors like mine) then resize it so that it is the same resolution (2560:1024 for mine) as the two monitors. After this is done in the desktop settings select the picture and TILE it as appose to centering or stretching it, other wise the picture will appear the same on both monitors.

Also the center of the photo is missing, that is another technique that makes the photo look better over two monitors. Delete the center of the picture that would be under the bezel of the monitor, it's a simple thing but it make the photo scan better.
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